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School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (SMAE) is a newly-established school in 2018 at Jilin University based on the former College of Mechanical Science and Engineering and located in the eastern campus.

Under both 985 Project and 211 Project, SMAE is listed as one of the state key institutions supported by Ministry of Education (MOE), P. R. China. After over 60 years’ development, it is widely recognized as a base for high-level professional training and technological innovations in the equipment manufacturing industry, with more than 1800 undergraduates and 900 Postgraduates in our school. We have two doctoral degree authorization points and two postdoctoral research stations, in mechanical engineering and mechanics.

Across the world, we have more than 20,000 alumni, represented by Wang Liding and Yan Chuliang who are academicians, and we have also trained a number of national and provincial awards for scientific and technological teaching achievements, making important contributions to the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry.

In the future, we will take the full opportunity of the Double First-Class Initiative supported by MOE, focus on building the key disciplines of mechanical engineering, mechanics and aerospace science & technology, and work very hard to promote our international reputation in the world.

Historical Development 

------Year 1955   

Ø  Department of Mechanical Manufacturing was founded at Changchun Automobile and Tractor Institute, and made up of related disciplines from Jiaotong University, Huazhong Institute of Technology and Shandong Institute of Technology;

Ø  The first batch of postgraduates in mechanical manufacturing in mainland China was enrolled.

That is why our school is most famous in China as “The Cradle of Talents in Automobile and Agricultural Industries”.

------Year 1997  

Ø  Jilin University of Technology was established;

Ø  College of Mechanical Science and Engineering was established, integrated with Department of Engineering Machinery and Department of Agricultural Machinery.

------Year 2000

Ø  New Jilin University was established based on former Jilin University, Jilin University of Technology, Changchun University of Science and Technology and Changchun Institute of Posts and Telecommunications.

Ø  Department of Mechanics at Jilin University of Technology was merged to  the College of Mechanical Science and Engineering, together with relevant academic staff from other universities.

------Year 2007

Ø  Mechanical Engineering was selected in the first batch of the national first-class and key disciplines.

------Year 2012

Ø  The first batch of Engineering Doctorate in ""Advanced Manufacturing"" was kickoff in our school.

------Year 2016

Ø  Mechanical & Electronic Engineering was selected as a National Defense Discipline in mainland China.

------Year 2018

Ø  School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (SMAE) was established.


     Our school is made up of 5 departments, Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation, Mechanical Design & Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Industrial Engineering

      In addition, we have one Teaching Centre of Fundamentals in Mechanical Engineering, one Teaching Centre of Experimental in Mechanical Engineering and one Intelligent Machine & Precision Machine Research Centre.

Ø  As a first-level state key discipline, Mechanical Engineering ranks top 5% to 10% (A-) amongst 189 universities in mainland China according to a discipline evaluation by MOE and the Discipline of Engineering ESI ranks in the top 1% of the world. 

Ø  Mechanical Manufacturing and AutomationMechanical Design and TheoryMechatronic Engineering are ranked as secondary-level state key disciplines in China;

Ø  Mechatronic Engineering is selected as a key discipline for National Defense of China

Ø  Supported by the Double First-Class Initiative by MOE, an Academic Discipline Group at Jilin University, with mechanical engineering as the leading discipline, was established and approved as a first-class discipline group.


School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Jilin University

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